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Dough Sheet Compound ressing Roll Machine with Built-in Feeder
Dough Sheet Compound ressing Roll Machine with Built-in Feeder
Easier noodle-making with safety and security is provided!

* Enjoy easy noodle-making! Radical improvements of the usability
1. Optimum dough volume is fed into the Compound Pressing Roll Machine by always monitoring the dough volume with photo sensors.
2. The dough volume does not grow larger, because the reversion type feeder is properly controlled with sensors. Furthermore, a safety design that the blades do not protrude through the outlet is adopted.
3. Longer lasting and noise-reduced gear drive system is incorporated in the roll drive requiring strong driving force. Easy maintenance and the stable operation of long duration can be secured.
4. The machine can always be used in a sanitary condition, because the roll and scraping board can be cleaned easily due to a newly developed scraper-opening handle.
5. The machine can be used in more sanitary condition than before, because it can be cleaned easily due to the combination of a high-legged frame installed on a flat base and the rope type conveyor.
6. Wider space for maintenance work can be secured, because the machine can be installed even in small space with its extremely compact power drive unit.
* Specifications
Roll Width(mm)
Feeder Diameter
Roll Diameter
ø1,000~1,200 ø240~300 1,600×2,800×1,520
ø1,200~ ø300 1,600×2,800×1,600
ø1,500~ ø300 1,600×2,800×1,660
ø1,500~ ø300 1,810×2,710×1,750
ø1,800~ ø300 1,810×2,730×2,100
ø1,800~ ø300 1,810×2,730×2,200
ø1,800~ ø300 1,810×2,730×2,350
ø2,000~ ø300 1,810×2,730×2,400
ø2,000~ ø300~400 2,320×4,200×2,700
ø2,200~ ø300~400 2,420×4,200×2,860
ø2,200~ ø300~400 2,620×4,200×2,960
ø2,200~ ø300~400 2,620×4,200×2,970