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Continuous Pressing,Cutting Roll Machine
Continuous Pressing,Cutting Roll Machine
With most advanced function and usability,
best noodle-making is provided!

* New function is introduced to make the production environment better and better!

1. The dough thickness is controlled evenly at the center and both sides by highly rigid and high-precision rolls. For wider machine of large scale, a dough sheet thickness gauge is added as an option.
2. The machine can be installed in small space with its the extremely compact power drive unit. Daily maintenance work can be done easily.
3. Longer lasting and noise-reduced gear drive system is incorporated in the power drive unit. Noise during operation is reduced. Easy maintenance and the stable operation of long duration can be secured.
4. Sanitary production-environment is established shortly, because the roll and scraping board can be cleaned easily with its newly developed scraper-opening handle.
5. A bar type safety switch installed in each roll protects the operator in case of emergency. A roll-cover or rope type safety switch is also available as an option.
6. The tension controller for the noodle dough keeps its good condition, close to no tension and no looseness. The automatic dough sheet feeding device for wider machine of large scale to transfer dough is added as an option.
7. Many kinds of combination of the roll dimensions and quantity of roll are available. The various sorts of additional specification such as special roll material and surface treating etc. are also available as an option.
* Specifications
Roll Diameter
ø300, ø240, ø180 and ø120 (Many kinds of combination available)
Roll Width
220 300 360 450 500 600 750 800 900 1,000 1,140 1,200
Drive System
Individual roll drive motor, Automatic electronic tension controller
Dough sheet thickness gauge, Automatic dough thickness controller, Automatic dough sheet feeding device, Many kinds of roll and its surface treating etc.