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* Privacy policy
Ohtake Noodle Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") shall not disclose any form of your personal information to a third party.
The Company shall refuse all requests for disclosure or provision of your personal information whatever the reason, and shall protect it exhaustively, except for the case stated below. However, the Company may utilize or disclose your personal information only for the case stated below under proper control in our company.
1) Data utilization for statistical analysis
2) If the Company judges the registrant of the personal information to be illegally detrimental to the rights of a third party, the Company can notify the relevant third party, police or related organizations of the registered-member's information.
3) If the Company is requested to disclose the registered personal information to cooperate with court, prosecutors office, police station, bar association, consumer affairs bureau or similar competent authority, the Company can disclose it according to the request. The Company shall conduct drastic security measures in order to prevent the personal information and its accompanying information we manage from the outflow, loss, misuse and alteration.
For the above stated purpose, the Company shall do database maintenance of the personal information as needed. Besides, the Company shall strive to take all possible measures against illegal access from outside, and to put the database in secure surroundings.
The registered customers' personal information shall be controlled to keep it as accurate and latest as possible. The Company shall disclose your registered personal information to you on your request. If you request an addition, alteration, correction, or deletion to the registered personal information, the Company shall accommodate your request.

Alteration of this code

The Company shall be able to alter this policy by the deliberate judgment as needed. The Company shall notify the alteration on this site if altered. We recommend that you make checks for updates on this privacy policy regularly.

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