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Innovative ideas and advanced technology for the needs of times
[ Research & Development ]

Over the years, OHTAKE has been developing a succession of epoch-making equipments and machines for noodle making by adopting unique ideas and technological innovation.

In 1895, we created the world's first Noodle Strip Roll Cutter;
In 1927, the Dough Sheet Compound Pressing and Roll Machine;
In 1967, the Large-Size Roll Cutter.
In 1970, we completed a mass-production system for instant noodles.
In 2009, We created the worldfs foremost instant-noodle production line producing one million three hundreds thousands servings per day. These achievements have left our glorious footprints on the history of the Japan-made noodle machine.
Innovative ideas and advanced technology for the needs of times [ Research & Development ]

The driving force behind these technological developments is the most advanced mechanical and electronic technologies we have achieved, and infinite spirit of curiosity that our R&D group possesses.

In particular, our engineers are continuously concentrating their efforts on developing computer-applied technology to deal with variety of tasks, aiming to develop the most advanced noodle production system such as functional integration of machines, systemization, factory automation and so on.

By inquiring about, facing and satisfying our users' evolving needs, OHTAKE products have been developed and our technologies have been improved.

Our flexible R&D stance is responsible for our development of more than 50-patented technologies and a continuing array of high-performance noodle-production equipments such as the Whirl Round Kneader, the Compound Pressing Roll Machine, and the Spindle-Shaped Roll Cutter.

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