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Instant noodles(squre)
Instant noodles(squre)

Flour Supply Equipment
Flour is supplied to Kneader through pneumatic transportation pipe. Risk of contamination by foreign materials or injurious insects from outside is extremely low due to its completely closed structure.
Water Chilling Equipment
The Water Chilling Equipment controls the temperature of supplying water used for kneading flour. Usually, it consists of multiple water tanks made of stainless steel. Heating medium is filled between the tanks.
Kneader Supplied flour and water is kneaded with a rotary mixing blade. There are a batch type including vertical and horizontal type, and a continuous type with humidifier, depending on its body shape.
Compound Pressing Roll Machine Supplied dough is extended by double roll units respectively composed of a pair of large-diameter rolls to make up two sheets of noodle. Then, they are compounded into one sheet by the next rolls.
Continuous Pressing Cutting Roll Machine
Compound dough sheet is gradually rolled thinner by several roll units placed in series to make it proper thickness, and then cut it into noodle strips by the Cutting Roll Machine.
Steaming Equipment Noodle strips divided into several rows are steamed on net conveyor to gelatinize. Steam volume in the Steaming Equipment is proportionally controlled with temperature sensors and control valves.
Seasoning Equipment
In the production process of cup noodle, after the noodle sheet is cut into strips and is steamed, they are sprayed with or soaked in water or soup seasoning. After that, excess water on the noodle strips is removed.
Portion Cutter Equipment Two methods of the Portion Cutter Equipment are available. One method is that the continuously rolled noodle sheet is cut before it goes into the Roll Cutter. Another is that the noodle strips are cut after they pass through the Roll Cutter.
Frying Equipment The Frying Equipment makes noodles dry out and solid by frying the noodles, which are molded with containers, for 1 to 2 minutes in food oil of ca. 140 degree centigrade.
Cooling Equipment
Fried hot noodles on the net conveyor are cooled down by blowing strong air blast from above and below while they go through in the Cooling Equipment.
After the heat-treated noodles are cooled down, the Distributor divides them into several rows to distribute them to several wrapping machines smoothly. To promote high production efficiency at the line outlet is the most important subject in a large-scale production plant.
Wrapping Machine Noodle and soup sachets are smoothly packaged without any waste. Shrink wrapping is conducted for some noodles; an inverted cup is placed over the noodles, and then the cupped noodles are turned upside down. After that, the lid is heat-sealed.